Paperback Covers for Lightning Source and Ingram Spark

I have designed a few covers for Lightning Source and Ingram Spark, and will agree to do these if the author sends me:

  • the template (these companies will email it to the author upon request)

Note however that if the cover is rejected for any reason by Lightning Source or Ingram, it costs $40 to upload a new one, and I will not be held responsible for that.

Dark covers with a lot of black in them can especially pose a risk since these companies have a total ink usage limit of 240%.  I do my best to adjust the cover so we are within the limit, though this might make the cover lighter than the Createspace version.  I will still not be held responsible if the cover is rejected and a new version needs to be uploaded.

For Lightning Source and Ingram Spark covers I ask $95 and not my standard price of $75, and to change an existing Createspace Cover to a LS or IS version I ask $50.

Here are Lightning Source and Ingram Spark cover template generator pages that an author has to fill in in order to receive the cover template through their email.  Please request a PDF format and send this to me:



For obtaining a Createspace Cover please refer to this page.