Premade eBook Covers


Premade Book Covers are ready-made covers that are sold only once and then removed from the site.  They are unique creations usually made from several images combined. They offer an inexpensive and exciting way for authors to publish books. Authors browse for covers that may fit their book, or very often pick great covers in their genre and keep them for future books.

Please visit different genres for premade book covers. Some genres overlap – a romantic fantasy cover may be classified under romance or under fantasy, so have a look at both pages to make sure you do not miss anything!

Categories are very broad and Fantasy would include Dark Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Historical Fantasy – to name a few.  Romance would include different types from Historical to Contemporary to Paranormal, though there may be suitable Paranormal Romance covers in the Fantasy section too.  The Erotica page contains many covers suitable for Romance or New Adult books.

Here are my premade book cover galleries.  New covers are uploaded regularly so please visit often! I also welcome suggestions for new desired book covers.

Contemporary Romance

Historical Romance

Fantasy / Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy

Erotica / New Adult / Erotic Romance

Suspense / Mystery / Thriller / Cozy

SciFi / SciFi Romance


General Fiction / Poetry

Young Adult



To order a cover:

Send me the temporary name and page where you found the cover (e.g. Fated Love from the Romance section), as well as all the new text details you want on the cover – title, author name and sub-title (if any) to:


I will send a sample cover. The sample is watermarked and in a small size. I will also provide my Paypal payment details. Once you approve of the sample you can pay by Paypal.

I will then send you two larger sizes of the cover and remove the cover from my site. The whole process usually only takes an hour or two, depending if I am online – it rarely takes more than a day to get your cover.

File Type and Size:

I provide a JPEG format, and my size is made to the proportions of 6 x 9, 3200 x 4800 width. This accommodates the new bigger Amazon cover size as of June 2014. I also provide a smaller cover of 1600 x 2400 pixels for upload to platforms that require a smaller size – Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and Kobo. The 3200 x 4800 size can also be used with Createspace’s online Cover Creator, though the text elements may have to be moved to avoid bleedspace. I will do this at your request for a fee of $12.

For a full ready-to-upload double-page paperback cover version, please refer to my Paperback page in the Extras section.

Note: The initial font changes for premade orders are free but all changes to the image itself are $12 – 30 extra, determined by complexity.

If any changes to the image are required, full payment must be made BEFORE I will work on the changes, as it takes valuable design time to make image changes. Changes involve things such as changing eye colour or dress colour, if possible in that particular image. I do not change whole backgrounds or characters, as images are merged and not on separate layers that can just be swapped out. Changes often affect the whole composition in terms of colour and balance and texture, so I may not agree to make any changes at all, depending on the image.

A premade book cover is sold only once. It is yours exclusively. It is not a template. Source images are legally purchased from stock image sites. Most of my premades are composite covers made from several stock images, or if made from a single image it is altered and combined with a distinctive text layout so it becomes unique. Source stock images however are not exclusive – they are bought with a standard image license. All premade covers are $40 – $80 each (calculated by cost of source images and complexity of the work), please check prices below images.

Please read this page if you wish to order an addition double-page ready-to-upload paperback cover version for Createspace.

For custom orders go here.

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