Premade eBook Covers – MYSTERY / SUSPENSE / THRILLER

This page contains ebook covers for the Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Cozy Mystery and light Horror genres.

Premade Orders

Please read this page if you wish to order an addition double-page ready-to-upload paperback cover version for Createspace.

For custom orders go here.

There are also premade pages with erotica/new adult, fantasy, scifi, romance, young adult, non-fiction, general fiction/poetry, chick lit and children’s premade covers. As genres overlap make sure to have a look around in different sections…I also have special theme section for Christmas covers.


Romance Fantasy / Paranormal Erotica SciFi Chick Lit General Fiction / Poetry Young Adult Special Themes:  Christmas Children’s Books Non-Fiction  


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    • Hi Joyce

      Please send me your title and author info and I will send a sample cover. The sample is larger in size but is watermarked. I will send a Paypal link and if you pay for the cover I send the final size with the watermark removed. If you do not have a title yet you can request that I send a larger watermarked sample also. You can also purchase a cover and send me the title later. My email address is on my contact page:

      Thank you

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