Premade eBook Covers – EROTICA / NEW ADULT

I have stylish and affordable premade erotica covers for sale.  There are premade covers for male gay, lesbian, ménage, Africa-American, Asian, western, straight and some amount of light bondage BDSM uploaded regularly…please check back again later if your category has been sold out. I cater for all types of relationships – M/F, F/F and M/M…I also do custom orders, paperback covers and matching Facebook banners.   Some of the covers will also fit well with the New Adult genre.  You can have a look at other New Adult covers on Amazon here to get an idea of what the covers should look like:

All premade covers are $40 – $60 each (depending on cost of source images and complexity of the work), please check prices below images. To order a cover:

  1.  Send me the name and category of the cover, as well as all the text details you want on the cover – title, author name and sub-title (if any) to:
  2. I will send a sample cover.  The sample is watermarked and in a small size.  I will also provide my Paypal payment details.
  3. Once you approve of the sample you can pay by Paypal.  I will then send you two larger sizes of the cover – for ebook upload (1600 x 2400 pixels 300 dpi) and the original larger size that can be adapted for a paperback cover (you will have to add a spine and back yourself, or order a paperback cover).

Note:  Font changes are free but all changes to the image itself are $12 – 30 extra, depending on complexity.  If any changes to the image are required, full payment must be made BEFORE I will work on the changes, as it takes valuable design time to make image changes.  Changes involve things such as changing eye colour or dress colour, if possible in that particular image.  I do not change whole backgrounds or characters, as images are merged and not on separate layers that can just be swapped out.  Changes often affect the whole composition in terms of colour and balance and texture, so I may not agree to make any changes at all, depending on the image.

A premade cover is sold only once.  It is yours exclusively.  It is not a template.  Source images are legally purchased from stock image sites.  Most of my premades are composite covers made from several stock images, or if made from a single image it is altered and combined with a distinctive text layout so it becomes unique.  Source stock images however are not exclusive – they are bought with a standard image license.

Visit this page for covers made from completely exclusive images.

Read this page to order a custom-design.

Please take note that as of October 2013 Amazon has become more strict in their cover policies due to public criticism they received.  No nudity, no breasts or butts sticking out, no thongs with butts, no wild sex positions are allowed.  Books that contain any form of forced sex (rape) or any form of incest (pseudo-incest too) are now completely banned, no matter what cover you have.  No bestiality allowed either.  My covers are decent and contain no blatant nudity, and provided your theme is not a forbidden one, you should not have any problems, though I cannot give a written guarantee as Amazon has no clear written guidelines.

Price:  $ 40 – $ 60 each – prices underneath covers

Check the Paranormal Page too  for covers that may be suitable for Paranormal Erotica

(visit my erotica sale stock page for items priced $ 16)


Special Sets!!  All the covers in one set for your Series for  a mere $60!!!

I have my own list of sites that DO allow images to be used for erotica covers, so rest assured you will not have legal issues.  Images with faces on this page are from adult content stock sites or sites that cater for erotica. They are all legally purchased and have model releases.  Contact me for a Custom Made Order.  I will design for any type of human sexual orientation, as long as it’s stylish and has no violent or abusive content. View my Portfolio or get more details about the Pricing and Process.


New! Exclusive Covers Page

Romance Fantasy / Paranormal SciFi Mystery / Suspense / Thriller Chick Lit General Fiction / Poetry Young Adult Special Themes:  Christmas Children’s Books Non-Fiction  



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  2. I’m not in the market for self publishing right now, but I’m book marking your site because these are terrific and possibly affordable. But you need more premade menage covers. I’m sure there is an untapped market there for you. I don’t see premade menage anywhere. I saw you had that one city one which was good but you should have more. :-)

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